Don't Take Anything Without Any Credit

I guess everyone knows I’m majoring in Nursing. I have met countless patients and unfortunately, I have witnessed their deaths too.

Today I went to the hospital for treatment. I met a 6 years old girl whom I had met during my internship. From the first time I saw her, she has been this gentle, this cute. She was diagnosed with Leukemia (last stage). During my internship, even if I make her do treatments that can be suffering, she never once blame me. Whenever I am free, I will play with the children there. One day when we were playing balloons, she was listening to the music and asked me who sang this. I started telling her about TVXQ. That was the first time she get in touch with them and she fell in love with Changmin.

I let her watch some videos of Changmin, when she saw how Changmin tease Junsu, she smiled. She never view Changmin the same way as we do (snarky and greedy for food). She always tells me Changmin is the best existence in this world. Whenever Changmin plays with other boys, he treats them with care and respect. Changmin eats a lot because he needs to energy to go on stage to dance and to sing. She always is able to see many things we cannot see, something Changmin holds it inside of him. At that time, she was very obsessed with drawing Changmin. During breakfast, she told me it was her favourite time of the day. Maybe it’s because it’s her favourite food. She told me she wanted to grow up well and be as tall as Changmin is. She wants to hug him. She drew many drawings of Changmin, but she never gave me the pictures, for she wants to pass it to Changmin herself.

When I went to hospital that day, she seems depressed, despite smiling at me. She told me that it was so great I was there, because she received a news about Changmin. She gave me a picture of Changmin in Balloons’ costume and there’s Mandoong at the side. She told me if I ever met Changmin, she hope I can pass the picture to her. Changmin made her happy, taught her how to smile, how to be strong, how to respect her parents, how to take care of her puppy. I can only promise her and show her the video of Changmin singing “More Than Words” during Japan’s FM.

Later I returned to my room to rest, but less than half an hour, her room’s siren starts to ring. She stopped breathing. Doctors, nurses were there but her mother requested to give up on saving. She let her daughter rest and started singing “Upon This Rock”. Soon, she was being carried away and her mother took all her stuffs. She saw the picture her daughter drew on my chair in my room and ask why do I have it. She recognised me asap. She told me her daughter always talk about Changmin, talk about food, talk about Mandoong, talk about dancing. Never a day she never talk about Changmin. Even if her mother never knew who is Changmin, but she’s happy Changmin gave her daughter so much smiles and laughters, and if she was to meet him one day, she would thank him personally. Not only because his voice healed a little girl’s heart, but also because he had lived in her heart until she passed away.


Above Changmin picture is drawn by the little girl.

* This happened in Mexico, it is in Spanish.
Original article:
Japanese-translated article:]
Chinese-translated article:  *

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